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Regional Manager​

A combination of our unbeatable infrastructure and your local knowledge. If you have significant experience of retail forex in any country or region we want to hear from you. FPG partners with experienced forex Introducing Brokers and Partner Brokers on a country or region basis. We can provide the resources you need to take your forex business to the next level.

Some of the benefits:

  • Clients receive a solution customised to them, with their preferred payment methods, tailored account types, and local support in their language.
  • Regional Partners receive significant revenue directly related to their efforts and performance.
  • FPG benefits from increased client satisfaction, increase in FX volume, and local market penetration.

About the Partnership

Each partnership is different, but the basic structure of all regional partnerships is as follows:

  • Fortune Prime Global provides a strong brand, 
  • robust trading platform, 
  • and any necessary resources such as a marketing budget.
  • We are currently looking for regional managers in Europe, Asia, South America and Africa

Key Benefits

Flexible Remuneration

Regional Partners receive significant revenue directly related to their efforts and performance.

Regulated Broker

Regulated broker to ensure client's funds are in safe hands

Advanced Tracking and Detailed Statistics

Advanced tracking and detailed statistics to enhance your business performance

Premium Account Management

Our professional team will always be there to assist


Global Network

Fortune Prime Global is rapidly gaining popularity among forex trading community. We provide a gateway for retail and institutional clients to trade the world’s largest financial market.


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